Empowering men to thrive after cancer


Simply put, we want men to kick cancer’s ass.

M Powerment designed four no-bullshit, life-changing programs for guys affected by cancer. We bring a bunch of dudes together, work through these programs, and grab a beer at the same time. This isn’t a trust circle and you aren’t going to hug someone in a sweater vest. You’re going to flex your cancer kicking muscles and come out m-powered men.

Let’s face it: cancer sucks a big one.

It’s a punch to the gut on a number of levels. Our bodies and relationships change. Our careers get sidetracked. We think about our own mortality probably for the first time. We’re bound to be different men on the other side of it.

But as good as we are about being there for everyone else, we rarely show up when we need to take care of our own crap.

And that’s where M Powerment comes in.We don’t want to talk endlessly about our feelings and we’re not going to do that here.

M Powerment gives you the hands-on, no-nonsense tools to use your cancer experience to lead a kick-ass, taking names, cancer-is-the-grass-and-I’m-the-lawnmower kind of life.

If you’re reading this and thinking, “Nah, man, I’m good,” we guarantee there’s a brother out there who needs YOU to show up, using your experience to help him get through his challenges.

So join us for a beer, let’s take care of business, and kick cancer’s ass.

M Powerment is open to all cancer survivors, fighters, and those living with cancer.

Check out our programs here.