If you’re looking to kumbaya over cancer, you came to the wrong place.

If you’re looking to show cancer who’s boss, then take off your coat and stay awhile.

When we get cancer, it’s 100% OUT of our control.
How we handle our cancer experience is 100% WITHIN our control.

By attending an M Powerment workshop, you will take back the power in your life after cancer by doing the following:

1) Actively participating in programs that identify the parts of your cancer experience that are life affirming and the others that zap your energy

2) Using the experiences that are life affirming combined with concrete, implementable steps to enrich your life

M Powerment gives you the action-oriented, practical skills to meet your cancer challenges head on. And we bring you together with a group of dudes who know exactly what’s going on with you–fellow cancer warriors who share your successes and struggles.

As cancer fighters, we are brave, blazing a path requiring every last ounce of our strength, courage, and will to combat cancer and the effects from chemotherapy, radiation and surgery.

As survivors, we are dealt with a life-changing disease and we come out on the other side as changed men. We think, no cancer means we’re good. But new challenges emerge and the warrior approach that served us so well in treatment is casually thrown away. We’re back at it alone facing these new obstacles.

M Powerment recognizes the unique struggles that men face. In bringing guys together, we challenge you to take control of your life during and after cancer with these fluff-free, man-upping, m-powering programs.


Be a Warrior


We’re awesome at putting on our armor when our battle with cancer begins. But what about after, when the equally ambiguous and challenging path of survivorship starts? We challenge you to use a warrior’s mentality, harnessing the dormant energy that resides within you to lead a resilient, focused and m-powered life after cancer.

Cancer: A Roadmap

compassWhat do you want? A simple question most people struggle to  answer. After dealing with a life-threatening disease, what’s the point in living a half-assed life? You absolutely deserve the chance to think about and answer this question. Using your cancer journey as a roadmap, we look back on where you’ve been and help you know exactly where you’re going.

You Talkin’ to Me?


Men…forever typecast as the chatterboxes in relationships. Yeah, right. Dudes may not overshare, but their spouses, partners and immediate family will probably want to know what’s up when they’re dealing with a life-threatening disease. Listen, we know you don’t want to talk, but at some point, you gotta let the people close to you know what’s going on. If you can’t find the right words or maybe can’t find any words at all, we’ll help you understand the nuts and bolts of how you and your partner chat it up, then help you rock that communication to make it stronger and more effective.

Story Power


When we get cancer, it’s completely out of our control. When we talk about our cancer experience, it’s 100% in our control. Too often, however, we give the power of our story away to our doctors, family, friends and co-workers. We give you the skills to re-take and fully own your cancer story—you’ll immediately feel the power back in your hands once you do.